iso 9001:2008 | iso 14001:2004

product specification
c3ua c3ub
c4ua c4ub c4uc
c6ua c6ub c6uc c6ud c6ue
c8ua c8ub c8uc c8ud
c12ua c12ub c12uc
c16ua c16ub c16uc c16ud
custom made envelope wallet envelope
printing full color (4C)
print side single / double
envelope color cream / pink
actual size c3ua : 83mm x 90mm (close)
c3ub : 90mm x 166mm
c4ua : 91mm x 110mm (close)
c4ub : 110mm x 182mm
c4uc : 90mm x 216mm
c6ua : 91mm x 166mm (close)
c6ub : 83mm x 182mm (close)
c6uc : 166mm x 90mm (close)
c6ud : 98mm x 210mm
c6ue : 150mm x 150mm
c8ua : 111mm x 182mm (close)
c8ub : 90mm x 216mm (close)
c8uc : 216mm x 90mm (close)
c8ud : 148.5mm x 210mm
c10ua : 139mm x 182mm (close)
c12ua : 150mm x 150mm (close)
c12ub : 98mm x 210mm (close)
c12uc : 150mm x 150mm (close)
c16ua : 148.5mm x 210mm (close)
c16ub : 99.5mm x 210mm (close)
c16uc : 99mm x 210mm (close)
c16ud : 148.5mm x 210mm (close)
bleed size c3ua : 168mm x 92mm
c3ub : 92mm x 168mm
c4ua : 184mm x 112mm
c4ub : 112mm x 184mm
c4uc : 92mm x 218mm
c6ua : 184mm x 168mm
c6ub : 168mm x 184mm
c6uc : 334mm x 92mm
c6ud : 100mm x 212mm
c6ue : 152mm x 152mm
c8ua : 224mm x 184mm
c8ub : 182mm x 218mm
c8uc : 434mm x 92mm
c8ud : 150.5mm x 212mm
c10ua : 280mm x 184mm
c12ua : 302mm x 152mm
c12ub : 198mm x 212mm
c12uc : 302mm x 152mm
c16ua : 299mm x 212mm
c16ub : 299mm x 212mm
c16uc : 299mm x 212mm
c16ud : 299mm x 212mm

~ 1mm bleeding for all edge.
material 157gsm art paper + matt lamination (D)
260gsm art card + aqueous coating
260gsm art card + matt lamination (D)
260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) + spot uv (S)
260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) + spot uv (d)
260gsm art card + gloss lamination (D)
230gsm ivory white card
230gsm fine linen
230gsm fine vein
310gsm platinum ice white ~ quality improvement ~
310gsm art card + matt lamination (D)
310gsm art card + silky matt ~ new ~
quantity 100pcs / 200pcs / 300pcs / 500pcs / 1,000pcs / 1,500pcs / 2,000pcs
finishing line creasing for for c3ua, c4ua, c6ua, c6ub, c6uc, c8ua, c8ub, c8uc, c10ua, c12ua, c12ub, c12uc, c16ua, c16ub, c16uc, and c16ud
optional finishing die cutting
file format (.ai)   (.pdf)   (.cdr)
process duration 2 - 3 working days :
   157gsm art paper + matt lamination (D)
   260gsm art card + aqueous coating
   260gsm art card + matt lamination (D)
   310gsm art card + matt lamination (D)
   310gsm art card + silky matt
3 - 4 working days :
   260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) + spot uv (S)
   260gsm art card + gloss lamination (D)
   230gsm ivory white card
   230gsm fine linen
   230gsm fine vein
   310gsm platinum ice white
3 - 5 working days:
   260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) + spot uv(d)
cut-off time 5:00 p.m.
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