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what is eco-box?
eco-box is a business card box which printed using soy ink and made from 100% recycled card board to replace the plastic business card box. and, it can be used as desktop business card holder. it is one of the xprint eco-friendly product.

why eco-box is an eco-friendly product or green product compare to other calendar?
regardless of the material, the mandate is clear: reduce, reuse, recycle. eco-box makes it easy.

eco-box reduces the use of plastic which take a long time to biodegrade. most plastic used either end up as litter or in landfills (less than 1 percent are recycled). in a landfill, it's estimated that one plastic box takes about 1,000 years to biodegrade. a plastic box floating around as litter takes about 20 years.

eco-box can be used as desktop business card holder other than just a business card box.

eco-box is made from 100% recycled card board which can be recycled 100%. there's nothing simpler or easier than recycling card board and paper. we recover more of it than any other substrate, and have done so for years.

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